[RESOLVED] Your Facebook Page will be Disabled!

Another day another dollar scam…

This time on Facebook, where people are being threatened with deletion of their pages unless they click a very suspicious looking link.

Earlier today, one of our clients sent a message with a screen shot from Facebook.
A page by the name of ‘Confirmation your page’ (great use of English guys!) had shared one of his posts with the attached message…

Confirmation your page shared [REMOVED] photo: “Dear customer, Your Page will be Disabled! Please re-confirm your account to avoid blocking. It is caused someone has reported you that there were irregularities of content, for violating terms of service. If you are the original owner of this account, please re-confirm your account to avoid blocking. Please re-confirm your account here. Confirm your account here: └► [LINK REMOVED] If you don’t confirm, our system will automatically block your account and you will not be able to use it again. Thank you for helping us improve our service collaboration. Facebook ™ Security”

It was an obvious scam, aside from the dodgy looking URL ending in .ru, I’m pretty sure that if Facebook had a problem with a page they’d have a million and one ways of dealing with it and communicating that to you… none of which involve sharing your photos and/or getting you to click a link.

So if you had this message or a similar one here’s how to resolve it…

1: Don’t panic and definitely DON’T CLICK THAT LINK (it’s probably going to load malware or swipe your FB login details)
2: Go to the page that shared the post click the more button at the top and select ‘report’ and follow the very short process.
This will also give you the opportunity to ‘block’ them.


or you can just ignore it, I promise nothing bad will happen!

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