How to check your Amazon UK promotional credit

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you’ll be aware that they have this really neat offer every time you check out a purchase…

Prime customers get ‘FREE Next day delivery’ on all prime eligible orders, it’s a great selling point for Amazon and the fast delivery has saved me many times. However, if you don’t need your delivery to arrive next day and can wait 3-5 days for it then Amazon will reward you with a £1 promotional credit to use against music, movies, books and apps.

I build up a lots of these credits over the year* and usually end up using the credit for renting movies on Amazon video, but I’ve never managed to find out exactly how much of a ‘promotional’ balance I’ve got… until now.

I searched everywhere on the site, even followed the instructions that Amazon gave and I still couldn’t get the balance.

Recently I found a way to check the promotional balance, so I thought I’d share it, and it’s dead easy.

How to find your Amazon promotional credit balance

  1. Go to
  2. Browse the Amazon App store for a paid app(Kindle apps) or the Amazon Video store for a rental movie
  3. Select an App or a movie
  4. Click the ‘More purchase options’ link. Located underneath the ‘Buy’ button
  5. A pop-up will appear – click the ‘Redeem a gift card or promotion code’
  6. The popup will now show your gift card balance AND your promotional balance

Enjoy your credits!

*’s a bit naughty, but I always split my orders down to individual items. So I place three orders instead of one order containing three items. The items usually still arrive together, but I now have a £3 credit instead of just £1!

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