Easy Global variables in WordPress

Creating reusable content in WordPress for use across your site is easy using global PHP variables. Easy that is, if you’re a developer.

If you’re not a developer it’s a bit trickier.

However, today I came across a plugin which makes creating content to use across your site so easy even a first-time Word-Presser could use it.

WordPress Global variable‘ allows you to create any sort of content, be it a phone number, price, announcement or even boilerplate text and place it on any post, page or custom post type on your site.

The reason I found this plugin today was that I was doing some work for a client who has an ‘Admin’ charge listed at various places throughout their website. The charge changes almost monthly and having to update 20+ pages was a chore to say the least. There are of course very tech ways to get around this, but not everyone has the time/budget /skill to achieve this.

With the Global Content plugin it’s as easy as copy and pasting a shortcode wherever you want the dynamic content to appear.

Global Content creates a custom post type which allows you to add any content within it, text, video, images and even just a single word. This then generates a shortcode which can be pasted as an inline or block element into your content through your site. Every time you update the Global Content post – it updates the content everywhere the shortcode is pasted. Magic!

It even offers extra options like Font Awesome icons, bootstrap, animations and built in styles.

I can’t recommend this enough, you can find the plugin on Code Canyon

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