[RESOLVED] Tweetdeck alternative…?

On April 15th 2016 Twitter killed Tweetdeck, it had a been a long time coming. As much as I love Twitter – it’s my social network of choice – they seem to be really good at making bad decisions… but more on that another time.

So, Tweetdeck isn’t complete dead it’s really just the Windows ‘app’ (it’s not really app, it existed before apps were ever really a thing on Windows). But the Tweetdeck you install on Windows is gone, following in the footsteps of apps for Apple and android devices.


Tweetdeck is what sold Twitter to me back in 2009… I just couldn’t get to grips with it on the Twitter web page – it seemed clunky and I felt I was missing out on the ‘now’. I stumbled across Tweetdeck, and after abut an hour of playing, I had live searches running in separate columns, had filtered my followers with lists and what enrathed watching Tweets appear in realtime. If I can’t continue to do this, then Twitter is literally dead to me…

So what to do? Thankfully, there are alternatives to Tweetdeck…

1: Tweeten

This in my mind, is the best solution… it’s called Tweeten.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, it’s great – I’m not missing Tweetdeck at all.
Still in Beta (at time of writing), this app is a virtual clone of Tweetdeck, it does everything you’re familiar with just a few minor design differences/improvements.

It’s free to download as an app for Windows (7,8,10), and Apple OSX or as an extension to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Visit the Tweeten download and click on the icons to download for your preferred system.


Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply log in with your existing Twitter account and all your settings from Tweetdeck are there waiting for you. I was especially impressed that all the columns and ‘live searches’ were there and even in the right order.

After a few minutes you’ll have forgotten all about Tweetdeck!

2: Twitter in an app

Twitter in an App is a deceptively simple app which pulls Tweetdeck from the web and puts it into a separate app window.

I’ve given it a try and it’s really nice. It feels like actual Tweetdeck! It runs in a separate window and is not tied to your browser like ‘new’ Tweetdeck.

A big benefit over the browser version is that it offers notifications, which for me was one of the big deals about Tweetdeck in the first place.

Try it for yourself at http://twitterinanapp.phatnoise.us/

3: Tweetdeck in your browser

Tweetdeck will live on in your browser, but just as a web app.

It’s really easy to get up an running. Open a tab and go to www.tweetdeck.com, log in with your Twitter account and once it loads you’ll be away. Most of the same features are there, although one of the most critical ones ‘Notifications’ – doesn’t seem to be working for me.


Other recommendations?

So, I think I’ll be sticking with Tweeten (I love it!), but is there something else that you use… tell us all about it in the comments below.

EDIT: Article updated on 16 April 2016, to include ‘Twitter in an app’

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