[RESOLVED] How to like a page as a page on Facebook 2016

In my other life, I manage about 15 business pages on Facebook. One of my daily tasks is to build our engagement and network for these businesses. One of the ways to do that is engage with other like-minded business on Facebook. That involves, amongst other things, liking their page as my page.

Facebook has recently changed how you do this, and for the last week I have spent countless hours liking pages as myself by mistake. Facebook’s algorithms must be wondering what to make of me as I’ve been liking and then unliking unrelated business pages on and off all week.

Then I found the answer…

I’d like to tell you I used my superior tech knowledge to get to the bottom of it.. but in the end it was just blind luck/panic that led me to the solution… and it’s pretty simple!

How to like a page as a page on Facebook

1: First log into Facebook

2: Go to the Facebook page that you want to like

3: Click the 3 little dots on their header image
how to like a Facebook page as a page

4: A dropdown menu will appear. Select ‘Like as your page’

5: Another option will appear listing all your pages. Select the page you want to like as and click save.

…and that’s it. You’ve now liked the page as your selected page.

I’m not sure why Facebook changed the process – I guess they just like to keep us on our toes!

Let me know how you get on and share your Facebook pages in the comments below..

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