Doctor Who Season 8 Titles

Now that Peter Capaldi is the new (12th?) Doctor, following Matt Smiths regeneration in the 2013 Christmas Special, ‘The Time of the Doctor’, fans are eagerly awaiting the first trailer, image or clip of him as the Doctor.

We now know what his new costume will look like, and although we won’t see the new series until the latter part of 2014 – fans are already speculating what the new season 8 Doctor Who titles may look like.

These ‘fan’ made titles are from YouTube and they are pretty stunning.

[UPDATE – They’ve only gone and ended up using this one for Peter Capaldi! Amazing /]

… and then there is this, which isn’t quite in the same league as the others… but, like hypno-toad, I can’t stop watching!

Found any great fan made ones online? Let me know and we’ll add them here!

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