The new Xbox UI?

UPDATE 21/05/2013: Xbox One has been announced… and I was way off. The new UI looks good – but I can’t help feel the UI below will turn up somewhere in the not too distant future.
I’ll leave the post up for posterity. 

File under ‘Wild speculation’

In three days time Microsoft will announce the next generation Xbox to the world, everyone is anticipating something ground breaking. If nothing else Xbox 360 has pretty much led the charge with innovation and generally cool ideas since it was first launched, it almost feels like the some of Microsoft future ideas are tested on Xbox first before becoming a part of Windows.

The internet has been at fever pitch for leaks and guesses about what features and design the next generation of the Xbox will have, I’ve been guilty myself.

Last week on the Official Xbox Facebook page, the Xbox social team updated their cover image, to this…
New Xbox 720 UI
A pretty innocuous image, but when I saw it, I was suddenly reminded of the video below, posted 2 years ago it shows an idea of a future user interface from Microsoft.

Could the Xbox be about to ditch the tiles?
Highly unlikely I know, given that every other piece of Microsoft hardware has tiles… but what if? Does a games console really need to have the Microsoft family ‘Metro’ look?

Maybe the new advanced Kinect/controller allows for a UI experience far more advanced and intuitive than tiles.

I guess in  a few days we’ll find out!

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