Separated at Birth: Microsoft Illumiroom & Sony PS4 Launch

Back in January, Microsoft Research posted a video online showing a proof of concept called Illumiroom, which could perhaps appear in some form or other in the next Xbox (720/Durango)*.

Illumiroom expands your TV, turning the surrounding room into an extension of the game. If it works as described, it could make for a really immersive experience.

Last night, Sony held a press – conference to launch/announce the PS4 (Playstation 4)**, it was a pretty unique launch in that they didn’t actually show the new console. They did , however show some game footage, and it looks like someone at Sony saw the Illumiroom demo and liked it…

PS4 Launch illuiroom
Microsoft illumiroom at PS4 launch?
microsoft illumiroom
Microsoft Illumiroom

Sadly, Sony didn’t announce anything nearly as revolutionary for the PS4, but at least it was a great advert for what illumiroom could do.***

* Or whatever it ends up being called!

** That’s definitely what it will be called!

*** Some imagination required..

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