The Longest E-Mail in the world

If you read my previous post this week about how to do an effective digital de-clutter, you’ll know I was monitoring my incoming emails very carefully. If an email I’m subscribed to doesn’t interest me or benefit me within 3 editions, then it’s gone!

Why bother having a website, when you can simply put everything into one super-massive-email?

Yesterday evening, I received an email that did hold my interest …but for all the wrong reasons. This email from Forbidden Planet, is quite honestly the longest e-mail I’ve ever seen! I haven’t read it, but… I can’t stop staring at it.

As an email designer, I’ve always been taught, and observed for myself, that small succinct emails work the best, I can’t comment for Forbidden Planet, but from my own experience, a short well put together email will get far more clicks, conversions and engagement than something that takes an hour to read through.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be like this? I have a theory that their email system uses dynamic content, which only sends certain sections depending on your account preferences, but it went wrong and just sent everything. That must be it… right? Surely no one in their right mind would knowingly send out this… would they?

I decided to print it out to give it a ‘real world’ sense of scale, which you can view in the video below…

get your scrolling finger at the ready… here for your delectation is the actual email*. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments (at the bottom) if you seen a bigger one**!

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Longest Email in the world...
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Have you seen a longer email? Let me know (images and links would be good!) in the comments below…

* An image approx 10% smaller than actual size

** oo-er missus!

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