Streetview bringing advertising right up your street

Google Streetview, we’ve all used it… maybe just the once

When it first came out, I remember it being limited to the bigger cities like New York and London, it was cool and clever but I just couldn’t imagine using it for anything genuinely useful.

Then, Streetview did my town, my street and my house* and I spent hour in front of the screen looking at things I could see much quicker and easier by getting up and walking out the door. Seeing them digitised made them seem wholly more interesting and I even used it once to find where to park at a place I’d never been before.

Then I didn’t use it for about a year**.

However, in the last two days I’ve used it loads and it’s even made me laugh – thanks to those pesky advertisers. Streetview data can now be used in some really fun and interesting ways check out these below…

Click here to watch the British Airways / Streetview advert

British Airways

As part of the new British Airways campaign for the London 2012 Olympics you can now see a Jumbo jet driving down your street.
Prepare for takeoff here »

Click here to watch the /streetview advert

A new viral campaign from Confused sees a bunch of cartoon zombies invading your local area. This one is particularly clever as it uses nearby locations as well as your street.
Unleash the zombies here »

I think we’ve just seen the beginning of this particular ‘craze’. I’ll update the list as and when I get more…
If you find any please post them in the comments below…

* Yes – thanks ‘Father-in-Law’ for leaving my garage door wide open and exposing the contents to the world!

** Probably an exaggeration.

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