When I was 13 apparently I wrote Prometheus…

…well, not quite, it didn’t have the grand scope, gore or intricate storytelling* …but it did have the gratuitous sex**

My mother has been clearing out the attic in readiness for some new loft insulation. She had already discarded some old decapitated Star Wars figures, so she was under strict instructions not to throw anything else of mine out until she’s run it past me first.

Sure enough, while visiting yesterday, there were two huge boxes of paperwork waiting for me, but on further inspection it turned out to be my school books and folders from secondary school*** – dated between 1982 and 1989 also known as the years of hell.

Most of it looked junk, and truth be known – it is, but as I thumbed through it I discovered some ‘interesting’ artwork I’d done for various lessons. It was fun looking back at how awful I was at drawing back then, but some of the graphic design stuff was cool****– then I discovered something from what must have been either Science or Humanities; a cartoon depicting the story of evolution.

It’s awful, not just the artwork, but the immature crassness and complete ‘randomness’ of it, makes me think I was in a ‘weird place’ back then. I must have done this in about 1984-85, it wasn’t graded by the teacher so I’m guessing – I either didn’t hand it in, or it was looked upon with some disdain. However something about it made me think “Prometheus!” when I found it. So just for a bit of fun here it is…

Click below to enjoy ‘The Story of Evolution pt1’ aka ‘Proto Prometheus’

The story of evolution - an early draft of Prometheus by me aged 13

If you thought that was bad – there is a part 2! Which features even more random weirdness including Batman and a possibly libellous depiction of my old school mates.
If you want to see part 2… please vote positively below. If I get over 50 votes I’ll put it up.

* Other opinions are available

** Ah.. the raging hormones of a 13 yr old

*** If you’re interested.. it was The Corsham School

**** What can I say… I’m good with straight lines!

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