Shrek: The Pasta Guessing Game #1

Can you tell what it is yet…?

So after an energetic morning at the pool and park with my 3 year old – we popped to the supermarket to get some milk. While we were zipping around the aisles we inadvertently went through the tinned food section. It was there we discovered* Shrek pasta, “Wow! Shrek food… can I have it for dinner, pleeeeeeeease dad!”, I relented and bought some.

We got home, opened the can and poured it into a bowl. Then the question to end all questions came… “Daaad… which one is Donkey?”
I looked in the bowl it was like looking into a mass of bent mutated spaghetti, so I picked out one of each of the five different designs and our guessing game began. Now, Shrek pasta is really intricately designed** but it really provides a serious workout for your imagination(perhaps not suited to an world weary adult). Surely it could be made somewhat more recognisable***

Between us my son and I managed to recognise two. The others had me stumped, so I went back to the recycle bin and fished out the can as it had ‘the answers’ on the side.
Now it’s your turn… can you guess the Shrek characters, made entirely of pasta?
Shrek pasta Shrek pasta Shrek pasta Shrek pasta Shrek pasta

Shrek Pasta Solution

So, how many did you get right? Of course, once you know what they are supposed to be it looks so obvious (a bit like the old Magic Eye pictures)

* It was literally like the ‘Well of the Souls’ scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark!

** I’m not criticising the Heinz pasta artists engineers – but they almost seem ‘over engineered’

*** To be honest, with no new films in the pipeline, I doubt Shrek pasta has that much of a future on our supermarket shelves.

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