Separated at Birth? Star Wars’ Gamorrean guard

In 1959 Disney released Sleeping Beauty, a film that would captivate audiences and enchant little girls everywhere for generations to come. 24 years later George Lucas would release ‘Return of the Jedi’ – another film that would do the same for little boys (me included). Yet both seem to feature the same character; the Gamorrean Guard.

I’d never seen Sleeping Beauty, so when my daughter asked to watch it today (we’re going through a Disney Princess phase), I thought it would make a great film for a lazy Saturday afternoon – and it did – we all enjoyed it.. even her little brother (of course the monsters and dragon helped!).

…and it doesn’t look like we’re the only ones who enjoyed it, judging by the image below a certain Mr. George Lucas also enjoyed it sometime before he went on to make Return of the Jedi (another beloved film – I can’t wait till my son is old enough to appreciate the Star Wars movies. I intend for us to sit down together and share them, when he’s about 6 (same age as me when I first saw them.*)).

It’s a well known fact Star Wars has ‘lifted’, borrowed, stolen been inspired by lots of other sources. I was just taken aback that the Gamorrean guards that intrigued me so much when I was a kid were seemingly inspired by a 50+ year old Disney cartoon.

[UPDATE] – As of October 2012, Disney now owns Star Wars, so I guess the Gamorrean Guard is going back to his roots!

* and yes I’m planning to show them in the correct order – 4,5,6,1,2,3**

** Don’t argue, I’m right! Actually I’ve changed my mind, thanks to this post.

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