How NOT to film a potentially epic event

So there I was minding my own business on a quiet Sunday afternoon in February (2012) when my daughter started shouting for me to look at of the window.
Upon looking I saw a hot air balloon loosing altitude and headed straight for the town high street…

Only a few days before I had been talking with a friend about how lucky some people were to capture exciting events/accidents etc on video and post them to YouTube only to make a fortune from ad revenue… and low and behold I now had that opportunity.

I ran downstairs to grab my camera… it wasn’t there.
Ran back to the bed room… it wasn’t there.
Looked in my work bag… it wasn’t there.

Fearing I would miss the event completely, I delved into my Ebay pile. A few week previously my mother had purchased an (according to the box) HD camcorder with 4Gb SD Card, from the local church fete for £5. Bargain. I didn’t need it (and it wasn’t HD enough for me) so I was going to chuck it on eBay or give to the next charity bag that came through the door.

I powered it on and it worked.. in a manner of speaking…. No focus (it’s stuck on macro), no sound, no zoom and v poor exposure.

Well, I’ve hyped it up enough, so without further ado.. here’s a video of a balloon nearly crashing into Midsomer Norton town centre*

*squinting will might help.

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