Cutting out the middle man

So while I was sat at my desk yesterday, one of our clients popped in to ask a ‘favour’*.

I should point out here that this particular client is in the same building as us (in fact they own the building), and they spend almost as much time in our office (specifically in front of my desk) as they do in their own.

On this particular occasion they wanted some business cards.

“No Problem”, I said as I pulled up their template… designed just for them.

“No need for that…” he said, “our new member of staff has designed some.”

“oh… really” I said as he handed the card design to me (one card printed in the middle of an A4 sheet)

“can you just scan it in and send it to the printers for me…”, and off he went.

I looked at my colleague in disbelief.

Not only had they not taken advantage of the design team they have on their doorstep(us), but they had designed something on a computer, printed it out (very low quality), brought it to me to scan in to another computer for me to email it to another person to print. WTF!!

I sat and looked at the card for a few minutes, if truth be know I was hypnotised by it’s unique design, which included amongst it’s highlights:

  • 4 different fonts (none of which were in keeping with the brand)
  • The logo stretched one way and squeezed the other to fit into the only space left.
  • Random green dots across the middle
  • The domain name in huge bright red Times New Roman letters across the middle.

I could have cried.

I went to see them, and offered to tidy (i.e. completely redesign) it up… but no, they were¬†adamant¬†this is what they wanted. I feel they haven’t listened to us about brand building over the last year or so.

That’s to say nothing about efficiency, although I did manage to get them to email me the original file, so I could then email it to someone else.

Small Steps.

* Of course when a clients asks a favour – what they’re actually saying is “I don’t want to pay you”

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